Diabetes mass education programme is conducted by the project in Pathanamthitta District to increase the eness about, diabetes its complications and the importance of diabetes prevention in the community.

As majority of the people in the community do not know they have diabetes, large scale screening for diabetes is essential. All individuals who attend the camps are offered fasting blood sugar test, lesterol screening and recording of BP, height, weight and waist hip measurements. Venues include schools, libraries, youth clubs, resident associations, religious centres and recreation centres. Through these camps diabetes education is imparted directly to the public using audio visual aids, lectures, posteres, pamphlets, video films and interactive sessions. Special counseling is provided to fresh diabetics.Yoga sessions are also incorporated in the programme. 261 camps for screening and awareness have already been conducted as a part of the project.
kNow DIABETES, while organizing medical camps for parents in association with parent-teacher organizations has realized the problems faced by mothers to attend such camps.Hence the project team decided to go to the rural community. This was done by organizing medical camps for small groups in association with local clubs and organizations.The grassroot level unit of the local self government, the Gramapanchayaths took the initiative to organize a number of camps in this direction.
Medical camps and awareness classes were organised by Kottangal Grama Panchayath in association with know diabetes project from 23rd July to 8th Augest 2009 at 28 selected centres. The programme aimed at creating awarnes about life style diseases, its prevention and control, long term complication and treatment among the public. It also includes diet counselling, a yoga session and the screening of a short film on life style diseases.

Panchayathwise activities were formally inaugurated on 23rd July by Manoj Chandran (Standing committe chairman-development) in a function held at St. Joseph High School, Kulathumon which was precided over by the school manager. The medical camp was inaugurated by Karuna Shibu (President, Kottangal Panchayat). Dr. G. Vijayakumar and Dr. George John gave the lead to conduct the awareness classes for the public. Awareness classes were inaugurated by Adv. Jaya Varma (Member-District Panchayat) in a function held at St. Marys LPS, Vaipur on 25th of July. The validictory function presided over by Francis Thomas (Vice President, Kottangal Grama Panchayat) was inaugurated by Karuna Shibu. Kudumbasree workers & Asha workers actively participated in the programme.
Five Medical camps and awareness classes were organised at selected centres of puthuvakkal ward of Kulanada gramapanchayat. The camp was formally inaugurated by G. Reghunath (President, Kulanada grama panchayat) and presided over by Sreedevi S. Nair (Ward member). Awareness classes were arranged at MTLPS, Panangadu. Medical camps were arranged at MTLPS Panangadu, Puthuvakkal library and Reena Bhavan Panangadu. People actively participated in the camp at all the centers.
Medical camps & awareness classes were organized from 11th april to 8th may 2010. The programme includes screening for diabetes and cholesterol, awareness sessions and the screening of a short film.
Medical camps ands awarness classes were organised in Kaviyoor grama punchayat from 13th december to 28th december 2009 at selected centres of kaviyoor panchayat. Free medical check up, awareness session and the screening of a short film was also a part of the project.
Medical camps and awareness classes were being organised by Pallickal Grama panchayat in association with Kulanada Medical Trust Hospital, World Diabetes Foundation and Pathanamthitta District Panchayat from 26th April to 29th May 2010 at various centres. The camp includes screening for diabetes and cholesterol and hypertension, an awareness session and a short film.

Besides the panchayath ward level medical camps organized in association with the grama panchayaths community oriented medical camps were organized jointly with libraries and other organizations.

A major feature of such camps is the presence of women in large numbers. The grassroot level organizations like Kudumbasree in Kerala play a vital role in bringing women in groups to those camps. An active network of women healthworkers called ASHA workers also contributed much for this phenomenon.
Global Diabetes Walk conducted on 14th November 2009 received an enthusiastic response from students, health workers, and the media. More than 2000 students and healthworkers participated in the Walk. The project team took the initiative to organise a Global Diabetes Walk in Pathanamthitta town which is the head quarters of the district. The WALK was organised in association with the District Panchayat, Pathanamthitta Muncipality and the Health and Education Departments. Students and Teachers from various schools and colleges, ASHA worker - who are the volunteers of National Rural Health Mission, volunteers of various NGO’s, office bearers of Local Self Governments and authorities of Health and Education department particiapted in the WALK. The WALK was flagged off by veteran flim actor Sri. Jagannadha Varma. A public meeting was conducted after the WALK and it was followed by the presentation of plays and folk art forms. More than 2000 participants joined the WALK. They range from the veteran 83 old actor to the 4 years old boy, Aniz. The WALK received good media attention.
As a part of the project activities a multimedia exhibition was designed, titled kNOw Diabetes Multimedia Exhibition. It contained the following components.

1. Artistically designed panels and charts which highlight the theme, ‘Detection, Prevention and Managemnt of Diabetes and Other Lifestyle Diseases’.

2. Animations and Touchscreen Kiosks which are self explanatory.

3. Models.

4. Space for conducting education classes, exercise training , yoga practice and diet counselling.

5. Necessary space for conducting various tests for sugar and cholesterol estimations and for detecting the later complications of diabetes.
The exhibition was conducted at Thiruvananthapuram, the capital of Kerala from the 16th to 20th November 2009. It was inaugurated by the Health Minister of Kerala Smt. P. K. Sreemathy teacher. The Education Minister of Kerala Sri M. A. Baby visited the exhibition hall and expressed his desire to see the exhibition conducted at various places in Kerala. The exhibition got good response from the public and media.
A permenant Multimedia Exhibition centre was opened in Medical Trust Hospital and Diabetes Care Centre, the official head quarters of the project. The centre was inaugurated by Sri. K. Jayakumar, Additional Chief Secretary of Kerala Government. It attracts a lot of people every day. Batches of students from nearby schools also come to see the exhibition.
A development which is a great compliment for the project work in the District of Pathanamthitta, is the gesture shown by the district panchayat council. In 7 district panchayat divisions where the project work was completed last year, the district panchayat decided to take up follow up activities starting Nodal Centres in selected schools for coordinating follow up activities. The activities envisaged under the project of the district panchayat are:
1. Installing mini exhibition centres at the schools,
2. Conducting regular education classes on diabetes and other lifestyle diseases and
3. providing free insulin and medical treatment for all the type 1 diabetics among students.
The district panchayat council has sanctioned necessary funds for the programme and has initiated the preliminary works for starting the centres. The District Panchayat Council has also decided that this programme would be extended to cover all the 17 divisions by next year. The project will provide the technical support for developing education materials and for capacity building among the teachers conducting and coordinating the follow up activities in future.
As the govt. approved the project a meeting was held in which District Panchayath President, Vice President, Secretary, Panchayath Members, DMO, DD, School Headmasters, Doctors, Public representatives, health workers, parents and teachers attended.
The Pallickal division wise activities of the project was formally inaugurated on 10th February 2010 by Mrs. Lalithambika IAS (District Collector, Pathanamthitta). The function held at GHS, Adoor was presided over by A. P. Jayan (Vice President, Pathanamthitta District Panchayath). Dr. G. Vijayakumar, Chairman and MD, Medical Trust Hospital presented the project report.
Elanthoor division wise activities were formally inaugurated on 4th March 2010 by Adv. Omalloor Sankaran (Development standing committy chairman, Pathanamthitta District). The function held at Karamveli LP School was presided over by Savithri Balan (President, Mallappuzhasseri Grama Panchayath). Dr. G. Vijayakumar, Medical Trust Hospital presented the project report. A medical camp was arranged for the public as a part of inauguration.
The inaugural function of Kalanjoor division washeld at GLPS, Kalanjoor on 29th March 2010. The programme was inaugurated by A. P. Jayan (Vice President, Pathanamthitta District PAnchayath). presided over by A. P. Maniamma (Member, District Panchayath). Dr. G.Vijayakumar explained the activities of the project. A free medical camp was arranged as a part of this function.
Kulanada division was formally inaugurated on 26th March 2010 by Appinazhikathu Santhakumari (President, Pathanamthitta District Panchayath) in a function held at GLPS, Kulanada which was presided over by Asha Ben (Member-District Panchayath). Dr. G. Vijayakumar, Medical Trust Hospital presented the project report.
The Inaugural function of Pramadom division was held at GLPS, Pramadom on 24th February 2010. The function inaugurated by Appinazhikathu Santhakumari (President, Pathanamthitta District Panchayath) was presided over by Seema Ramakrishnan (Member-District Panchayath). Dr. G. Vijayakumar, Chairman and MD, Medical Trust Hospital presented the project report. A free medical check up was also arranged.