• One of the major achievements of the project is the identification of juvenile diabetics.
  • About 90 children with Type-1 diabetes have been identified and 58 of them are given free treatment under the ‘Athijeevanam ‘project which is a joint venture of Pathanamthitta District Panchayath and the kNOw Diabetes project.
  • All these patients are given free insulin through Primary Health centres under this scheme.
  • Glucometers were given to all those patients.
  • Free treatment and regular monitoring every month are done at Medical trust Hospital and Diabetes care Centre, Kulanada.
  • Notable progress have been observed in the condition of the patients within a period of six months itself.
  • Efforts are being made to ensure the continuation of the project and also to bring all the Type-1 diabetes patients under this scheme.
The project through its experience during the past two years has succeeded in developing a model health education scheme. In the management of lifestyle disease the most important element is patient education .Equally important is the education for primary prevention. Taking these two aspects into consideration, the project has designed a Health Education Model with the following components:

  • An exhibition centre with artistically designed panels, charts, models and multimedia devices.
  • Classrooms for conducting awareness classes about the basic aspects of the diseases, diet control, stress management, yoga exercise etc.
  • Separate space for counseling sessions on diet, yoga and stress management.
  • Laboratory for early detection of the diseases and their later complications.
  • A well-equipped library.
  • Such a health education centre will be run by health educators, dietitians, physiotherapists, yoga masters, nurses and lab. technicians under the guidance of a Diabetologist.
kNOw Diabetes is a project of Medical Trust Hospital and Diabetes Care Center, Kulanada which is a private institution and is supported by World Diabetes foundation. The project is implemented in association with the District Panchayat and in cooperation with the Education and Health departments. A follow-up project ‘Athijeevanam’ was initiated by the District panchayath which is being implemented through primary health centres.The district panchayath in association with kNOw Diabetes project has opened nodal centres in seven Government High schools for coordinating the follow up activities. The medical camps for the detection of blood sugar and cholesterol levels conducted in villages are well supported by the health department, ASHA workers and members of Kudumbasree units. Thus the project has already become a good example for the cooperation of public and private sectors in health education and patient care.