Arogyaniketanam is a seven episode educational television series about lifestyle diseases. Kerala has been unique in its pattern of socio-economic development. The indicators of socio-economic progress of Kerala were comparable to western countries in many respects, while the rest of the country lagged behind. The influence of rapid urbanisation and lifestyle changes are felt in the field of public health in contradictory ways. On the one hand, epidemics have been eradicated and life
expectancy has gone up, but on the other hand, morbidity has increased. Incidences of diseases like diabetes, heart diseases and stress related diseases are on the increase. Kerala is far ahead of the other states of India when it comes to such diseases. These diseases were much rarer a few decades ago. These and many other diseases are results of our faulty lifestyle and can only be resisted by bringing about lifestyle changes.
Exercises and diet control goes a long way in preventing and controlling these diseases. Yoga is also acknowledged worldwide as a practice that assists in combating these illnesses. It is in this context that Arogyaniketanam discusses the various aspects of prevention and treatment of such diseases with an emphasis on modification of lifestyle.
The programme features discussions on lifestyle diseases with expert medical practitioners. It also includes segments on diet control and exercises. Each episode has a capsule on yoga in which various basic asanas, pranayama and meditation techniques are demonstrated. The topics covered in each episode are introduced by Sri. Nedumudi Venu.
The series presents authentic, well researched information in a simple and clear manner through ample use of illustrative graphics and text interspersed with the conversation with experts. Care has been taken to present information through aesthetically pleasing use of audio-visual elements so as to hold the attention of the viewers.
Arogyaniketanam has been produced by Medical Trust Hospital and Diabetes Care Centre, Kulanada.
episode 1 Introduction to lifestyle diseases
The current scenario of public health in Kerala
Statistics on Lifestyle diseases
What are lifestyle diseases?
The important changes in lifestyle
leading to diseases How to prevent lifestyle diseases
The importance of Yoga
General guidelines for practising yoga
Thadasanam, Ardhachakram, Ardhakadichakram
episode 2 Diabetes
What is Diabetes?
The symptoms of Diabetes.
How insulin works
How lack of insulin leads to the symptoms of Diabetes
Explaining the concept of Calorie
Demonstrating a model plate for healthy diet
Veerabhadram, Parswa thrikonasanam, Padahasthasanam
episode 3 Diabetes
The Indian diabetes scenario
What leads to diabetes?
How diabetes is diagnosed
The basic principles of treatment of diabetes
Ekapada udhanasanam, Dwipada udhanasanam, Pavanamuktham
episode 4 Diabetes - Complications
The major complications arising out of diabetes
How diabetes affects the heart
How diabetes affects the kidneys
Foot diseases related with diabetes
Taking care of the feet
Taking care of the eyes
Kandharasanam, Bhujangasanam, Dhanurasanam
episode 5 Diabetes - Diet Management
The principles of deciding diet for diabetes patients
The importance of proper diet timings
The choice of foods
The signal system - a concept to grade foods
The plate model
Salabhasanam, Ardha salabham, Vakrasanam
episode 6 Heart diseases
The causes of heart disease
The symptoms of heart disease
Prevention of heart disease
Obesity and central obesity
The importance of exercise
Vyakhram, Nadisudhi pranayamam, Bhastrika pranayamam
episode 7 Stress
The social background of increasing stress
How the body reacts to stress
Techno stress
How to combat stress
Bhramari pranayamam, Yoga nidra, Dhyanam