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a unique health intervention
Doctors prescribe medicines to the patients and advice them how to modify their lifestyles to prevent or control diseases.
kNOw Diabetes titled ‘Primary Prevention of Diabetes and Other Lifestyle Diseases through Targeted Approach’ is a comprehensive health education project targeting school children, teachers and parents in Pathanamthitta and Alappuzha districts in Kerala, India. The five year project is being implemented since November 2008. The project is designed as an intervention programme. The strategy is to target the students and through them to address the community as a whole. The Project intends to create awareness about diabetes and to improve diabetes prevention among students nearing adolescence and their parents. The project as a whole is expected to cover about 260000 students, 5000 teachers and about 200000 parents within a period of five years. Students studying in classes V to XII are given awareness classes, Yoga Training, Diet Counseling, Physical Training and a medical check up. Teachers and parents of the students also attend the medical camps and separate awareness classes are conducted for them. More than 100 volunteers also get involved in this endeavour.
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